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Affiliate program

At ServerSP, as long as your referral is a customer, you continue to receive the monthly commission.

Different from other systems where you receive only when indicated a fixed amount.

This program is a system developed with the aim of promoting a strong and lasting bond to generate benefits for all participants.

How to make money?

Register at and after activate your affiliate account at

After we make the banners available, you just need to copy the banner code and paste it on your website.

For each plan contracted through your link/banner, you receive a commission that corresponds to the value of the product.

You will use a banner like this:

or you can just use your affiliate link:

change the X to your Affiliate ID

Commission Table

Group 1


Group 2


Reseller Hosting
Streaming Reseller

Group 3



Cloud Server General

VPS Reseller

Group 4


Dedicated Server

Quick answers
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What if I can’t nominate anyone?

No problem, there is no requirement, you will normally receive from your current affiliates.


Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

No. Enrollment in the program is voluntary on the part of the candidate and free of charge.


How can I track my sales/referrals?

We will provide access to an area called “Affiliates” and there you can track referrals, remuneration history, payment receipts and other necessary resources.


Can I place more than one banner per page?

Yes, as long as you respect the Affiliate Program policies.

Can anyone sign up to be an affiliate?

Sites that have adult/pornographic content, violence, hatred or incitement of prejudice based on race or ethnic origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation, religion and age are not allowed. Sites that download illegal content are also not allowed.

Sites with restricted content (which require a login and password to read), Agencies and Developers have a different proposal for participation. For details, contact us at [email protected]

How does ServerSP know who buys on my recommendation?

When a reader clicks on the ServerSP banner applied on your website, he will receive a Cookie, which is a text file that stores information and allows the indications to be tracked.

The cookie generated for the Affiliate Program is valid for 10 days, therefore, the reader of the affiliate’s website who clicked on the banner or link of the Program on its website, has up to 10 days to make the purchase, on the 11th day, the indication will not be more tracked.

It is important to emphasize that, if the reader disables cookies in the browser, the indication will not be tracked.

What rules must I follow for my nominations to be approved?

To be approved, the nomination must meet the following criteria:

The indication must be generated from the affiliate link, applied in a banner or link on the website registered in the program;
The referral must be a new customer for ServerSP;
The customer must have purchased one of the eligible products (Web Hosting, Plus Plan, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Website Builder or WordPress Hosting);
The customer must be up to date with the payment of the hosting until the end of the analysis period.

Referrals made without an affiliate link are not registered by our tracking system and do not generate commission.

How can I promote my affiliate link to make sales?

The disclosure must be made on an active, updated and content-rich website or blog. After approval of the registration, the affiliate receives access data to the Affiliate Panel where several banner models are available. Just choose the most suitable one, copy the source code and paste it on the website.

It is worth mentioning that each website/blog creator has a different way of inserting the source code. Some of these ways are: through posts (insertion of the image and later the affiliate link), widget or incorporation (embedding) of the link, among other ways.

The affiliate can also promote the ServerSP brand through text, creating an article or post recommending ServerSP and using hyperlinks with his affiliate link.

Which ServerSP products are eligible for the Affiliate Program?

The eligible products of the Affiliate Program are:

Website hosting
WordPress Hosting
Hosting Reseller
Dedicated server
Website Builder

For each new customer who makes the 1st purchase of one of the eligible products, the affiliate earns a referral.

How does commission payment work?

All indications are pending for analysis for a period of up to 90 days. After this period, the affiliate receives the commission referring to the approved indications, respecting the minimum payment of $500.

For example: if the indication occurred in the month of June, it will be under analysis until the month of September, that is, for 3 months. It doesn’t matter which day of the month the referral was made, the reference is the month in which the referral was generated.

Payment of commissions is made only in US Dollar (USD) via PayPal accounts.