DesempenhoPlanvCPURAMStorageRedeBandwidth IN/OUTIPv4ValueAvailability
Geekbench NA 2VPS 1GB11GB10GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$7/moAssinar
Geekbench 2VPS B2G22GB20GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$11/moAssinar
Geekbench 3VPS B4G24GB50GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$15/mAssinar
Geekbench 4VPS B8G48GB100GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$30/moAssinar
Geekbench 5VPS B12G412GB150GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$45/moAssinar
Geekbench 6VPS B16G416GB200GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$55/moAssinar
Geekbench 8VPS B24G824GB250GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$75/moAssinar
Geekbench 8VPS B32G832GB300GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$95/moAssinar
Geekbench 10VPS B64G1264GB500GB NVMesim 20 p10GbpsUnmetered/32/80$170/moAssinar

VPS KVM SSD NVMe - liberacaoOnline in 60 Seconds

Who likes to wait? We guarantee your VPS KVM SSD NVMe online within 60 seconds after payment approval.

VPS KVM SSD NVMe - escabilidadeScalability

Allows your NVMe SSD VPS to be scaled up for peak demand.

VPS KVM SSD NVMe - protecao-ddosDDoS Protection

All of our VPS are equipped with this resource via Hardware at no additional cost.

VPS KVM SSD NVMe - painel_vpsControl Panel

Easy management, 1-Click OS installation. No need for advanced knowledge.

VPS KVM SSD NVMe - ipIPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Every plan has 1 IPv4 (/32) and /80 IPv6 Free. Additional IPv4 for just $5.00 monthly.

VPS KVM SSD NVMe - kvmKVM Virtualization

You install your OS the way you prefer and do a 100% custom installation.

Control Panel of your VPS

You select the OS, and the system automatically installs everything on your VPS

Most Popular Operating Systems
Rocky Linux
Windows Server
  • CentOS 8, 7
  • Fefora 34
  • Ubuntu 22, 20,18
  • Debian 11,10,9,8
  • Rocky Linux 8
  • Almalinux 9, 8
  • Suse 15
  • Scientific 15
  • Webuzo
  • Windows Server 2019, 2016 *
  • Install from your ISO
Dashboards to manage your VPS

Install automatically with 1 click

  • cPanel/WHM *
  • Plesk *
  • ISPConfig
  • CWP
  • InterWorx
  • VestaCP
  • Webmin
  • Webuzo
Free Automatic Backup

Protect your VPS with automatic backup at no additional cost

More security for your VPS

The automatic backup option is an essential tool to protect your business, whatever industry you are in. Protect your files and databases from incidents and downtime. You don’t need to manage the administration of your automatic backups: we’ll do it for you.

Restore your VPS when you need it

You can use backups to restore your VPS at any time from the ServerSP Control Panel. In case of an incident, you can recover your data at any time.

backup server

Data Center

link vps ssd

Over 16 Tbps worldwide

To guarantee high speed, high quality bandwidth and low latency, OVH decided to deploy its own fiber optic network.

proteção ddos vps ssd

Anti-DDoS Protection

Three mitigation points were created in the Roubaix, Strasbourg and Montreal Data Centers.
Therefore, we are able to mitigate attacks of up to 16Tbps, 24/7

network vps ssd

High Quality Route Infrastructure

The routing infrastructure is essentially based on Cisco products.

network vps ssd

High Stability Network

To ensure maximum redundancy and availability of your service, all connections are at least doubled in all routing points.

Partners and Suppliers
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